About Us

In 2008 I was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. I went through some conventional treatments and we decided to stop them early as the treatments were devastating to my body and spirit. I transformed my life overnight and my wife and I went raw vegan for 3 years, within that time we started growing our own food.

We started with a few raised beds and within a year or two our whole front and back yard was being used to grow organic foods. We converted a room in our house to grow wheatgrass and sprouts which were used as medicine. My wife Tawna and I left our old lives behind and started a new life designing it the way we want. This was the beginning of our journey to create our organic farm. We are truly passionate about medicinal herbs and plants that help us daily. Your true passion and purpose in life usually stem from the pain you have endured in your life.

Everyone will be dealt crappy cards at some point in their life, it is how you play those cards that truly matters.